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SPC Flooring (Grandeur) Collection

SPC Flooring (Grandeur) Collection

Crafted from a blend of stone and PVC, using virgin material, this collection offers exceptional durability and versatility. Unlike wood, its non-wood composition makes it waterproof and resistant to termite damage, serving as a superior alternative for various flooring needs.

Featuring a UV wear layer of 0.5, Queensfloor SPC Flooring (Grandeur) Collection is highly resistant to discoloration and scratches, even in high-temperature conditions. Suitable for use in homes, offices, or showrooms, it enhances the overall aesthetics and comfort of any space.

Moreover, Queensfloor SPC Flooring (Grandeur) Collection can be installed staircase with a stairnose noising design . Queensfloor SPC Flooring (Grandeur) Collection is a premium SPC flooring solution.

The following are designs and color schemes of Queensfloor SPC Flooring (Grandeur) Collection