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Queensfloor Flooring SPC Herringbone (Elite) QSH015-02


151.5mm (W) x 757.5mm (L) x 4mm (T)

100% Virgin material

Herringbone Design

PRODUCT Features & Benefits :

1) Anti-Slip-
ADA approved for slip resistance.

2) Fire Resistence-
B1 level (Hard to Burn)

3) Easy & Low Maintanence -
No polishing required. Just use household floor detergent to clean which can be found in most hypermarket.

4) Safe Quiet Warm -
Reduce sound by more than 50% and create a nice warm feeling when you step on it.

5) Spill & Stain Resistance -
Anti-spill and easy to remove existing stain.

6) Termite Proof -
Insect free due to the composition of the material.

7) Water Proof -
Unaffected by water and resistant to ingress of water.

8) 3-5 Layers Protection From Wear -
Thick wear layer to provide long lasting floor protection to the colour and design.

9) Colour Fast to Sunlight -
Colours does not fade under sunlight.

10) Scratch & Wear Resistance -
Thick wear layer with double UV coating to provide absolute protection to your vinyl floor.

11) Flexible -
Easy to bend and mix to create the design the pattern.

12) Quality Tested-
Products are heavy tested to provide consistent top quality vinyl.

13) Non-Toxic & Odourless -
No smell and not hazardous to health.

14) Resistant To Chemical -
Surface not easily damaged by chemical.

15) Electric Current Resistant -
Does not conduct electricity.

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